Baby meerkats born at wildlife park

The baby meerkats are settling in well togetherS
The baby meerkats are settling in well togetherS

A MOTHER meerkat has given birth to twin pups at Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park in Kirkcudbright, bringing the family total to 12.

The new arrivals are just three weeks old and have only last week started to be brought to the surface of the meerkat enclosure by their mother. The first three weeks of their lives have been spent completed underground in their burrows under her protection.

Meerkats have become the latest “must have” pet craze to hit the UK and animal dealers are exploiting the popularity of the animals made famous by TV programmes and commercials.

John Denerley from the park said: “By their very nature, meerkats need to be kept in large groups. They’re not suitable pets.

“They love company, enjoy chattering to each other and like to huddle together at night.”