All the results from Wigtown Show

Supreme Show Champion, Betty Boop, A&E Vance, Bridgehouse, Whithorn. SGGY 060814 1
Supreme Show Champion, Betty Boop, A&E Vance, Bridgehouse, Whithorn. SGGY 060814 1

Commercial cattle champion Betty Boop, a 20-month old British Blue Cross, was the popular Champion of Champions at Wednesday’s Wigtown Agricultural show at Bladnoch Park on Wednesday.

The judge Graham Allan, took his time inspecting the line up of quality livestock before choosing the commercial cattle champion, shown by Alister and Elizabeth Vance, Bridgehouse Farm, Sorbie, as the overall winner. The reserve to the champion was the any other pure bred sheep champion, a Charollais gimmer, shown by Robert Templeton, Carslae, Wigtown.

Mr Allan said: “The winner was very hard to fault, she was nicely balanced throughout. I liked her from the off really but it was close between 
her and the Charollais. I liked her as well, she looked really well from the front, with a lovely cocky head on her and again, nicely balanced throughout.

“It was a tough decision.”

Elizabeth Vance, who shows Betty Boop, said: “This is just wonderful and a fitting end to her showing career. She will now be retired.”

On a day when most people set off for the show dressed for at least four seasons, the weather was kind to the show, with bright sunshine and a welcome breeze by early afternoon. Once again, the quality of the livestock and entertainment gave the many visitors coming through the gates a day out to remember.

The guest of honour for the day was Olympic Bronze medallist Vicki Adams, who as well as presenting the prizes to the winners, mingled with the crowds and posed for numerous photographs with her Olympic medal. Vicki is no stranger to Wigtown Show as her grandfather Sandy is a former chairman of the annual event.

Vicki said: “It’s a real honour to be asked to present the prizes here today at Wigtown Show. This show has always had a special place in my heart and it’s great to see so many people enjoying themselves in the sunshine.”

Show chairman Jim Wallace added: “It was a most successful day. To begin with we were blessed with the weather and that makes all the work that goes in for the year beforehand worthwhile. We were surprised by the size of the crowd and one of the biggest hits was the ‘The Sheep Show’. These hard-working boys ended up putting on four shows and every show was well attended. I was amused to see some hard-nosed old farmers watching the show and clapping away.

“The winner was a very popular champion, and she has won a lot of championships all over the country. But I was delighted to see the reserve champion go to the Charollais as sheep are not often involved in the Craig Cup.”



Bull, any age – 1, Michael McCornick, Barquill, Wigtown.

Two year old Heifer – 1,&3, Michael McCornick; 2, Messrs Wallace, Over Barskeoch, Dalry, Castle Douglas.

One-year-old Heifer -1, Messrs Wallace.

Calf, born after 1st September last year – 1, Michael McCornick.

Male Champion - Michael McCornick.

Best pair of animals – 1, Michael McCornick; 2, Messrs Wallace.

Female Champion – Michael McCornick.

Reserve – Messrs Wallace.


Bull, any age – 1, Mochrum Estate, Old Place of Mochrum, Port William, - Coulmony Blair; 2, Bill, Jane and Bobby Landers, Bargaly, Newton Stewart – Cairnsmore Geordie.

Cow, any age 1, Mochrum Estate; 2, Mr E Belcher & Mrs M MacKinnon, Blair, Old Dailly, Girvan; 3, A&H Thom, Mark, Creetown.

Two-year-old Heifer – 1&2, Mr E Belcher.

One-year-old Heifer -1, A&H Thom; 2, Mr E Belcher.

Calf, born on or after 1st September last year -1, Mochrum Estate; 2, Mr E Belcher.

Best Pair of Animals – 1, Mochrum Estate; 2, Mr E Belcher and M MacKinnon.

Champion – Mochrum Estate

Reserve – Mochrum Estate.


Bull, 18 months old and over on day of show - 1, Bill, Jane & Bobby Landers , Bargaly, Newton Stewart.

Female, 2 years of age & over on day of Show – 1, Martin r McCornick, Boreland, Kirkcowan.

Female, 1 year of age & over on day of Show – 1, Bill, Jane & Bobby Landers; 2, Thomson, Roddick & Laurie, Newlands, Eaglesfield, Lcokerbie; 3, Bill, Jane & Bobby Landers.

Female, under 1-year-of age on day of show -1, Martin R McCornick.

Best Pair of Animals – 1, Bill, Jane & Bobby Landers; 2, Martin R McCornick.


Young Bull, under 18 months old on day of show -1, N&N Gwynne, Garden Cottage, Castlewigg, Whithorn; 2, AK Brooke, Carsecreugh, Glenluce; 3, A Clark & Son, West Glengyre, Leswalt.

Cow, 3 years or over having borne calf -1, Mark Phillips, Mains of Minnydow, Springholm; 2, A Clark & Son; 3, AK Brooke.

Female, 2 years of age & over on day of Show – 1, A&E Vance, Bridgehouse, Whithorn.

Female, 1 year of age & over on day of Show – 1, Mark Phillips; 2, AK Brooke; 3, RT Oxley & Co, Barholm Mains, Creetown.

Best Pair of animals – RT Oxley; 2, AK Brooke.

Male Champion – N&N Gwynne. Reserve - AK Brooke.

Female Champion – A&E Vance. Reserve – Mark Phillips.


Male beef calf (confined to members of Wigtownshire Young Farmers Clubs) - 1, William McCornick, Barquill, Wigtown.

Female beef calf (confined to members of Wigtownshire Young Farmers Clubs) – 1, Gemma McCornick, Boreland, Kirkcowan; 2, Michael McCornick , Barquill, Wigtown; 3, Katie Landers, Bargaly, Newton Stewart.


Bullock continental – 1, Mr James Forsyth, Mid Bishopton, Whithorn.

Heifer exhibitor bred – 1, Mr James Forsyth.

Heifer continental – A&E Vance; 2, Hyslop & Richardson, Balluskie, Barrhill.

Bullock exhibitor bred – 1, A&E Vance.

Beef Calf, under 8 months old on Show day – 1&2, N Forsyth & Son, Oswie, Whithorn.

Beef Cow with calf at foot (not eligible for any other class in show) – 1, A&E Vance; 2, N Forsyth & Son.

Best Pair bred by Exhibitor - N Fosyth.


Heifer, in calf or in milk – 1&2, Messrs Walter A McDowall, Culroy, Glenluce; 2, C&S Service, Moorpark, Sandhead.

Cow, having had no more than two calves, in calf or in milk - 1, MWA Stevenson, Kirminnoch, Dunragit; 2, A&WA McWilliam, Colfin, Stranraer; 3, C&S Service, Moorpark, Sandhead.

Cow, having had no more than two calves, in milk – 1, MW&A Stevnson; 3 A&WA McWilliam; 3, Messrs R&D Wilson.

Best two females, of any age, from foregoing classes - 1, A&WA McWilliam; 2, MW&A Stevenson.

Best three females from foregoing classes – 1, C&S Service.


Heifer Calf, 6 months to 1 year on Show day – 1, JR McKay & Son, Broughton Mains, Sorbie; 2, R Buchanan, Laigh Kilphin, Ballantrae; 3, N Forsyth, New Bishopton, Whithorn.

Heifer, in calf or in milk – 1, JR McKay 7 Son; James McMiken, Prestrie, Whithorn.

Cow, having had not more than two calves, in Calf or in Milk – 1 , JR McKay & Son.

Cow, having had more than two calves, in Calf or in Milk – 1, Howard Vance & Company, Low Barledziew, Sorbie; 2, JR McKay & Son.

Production and Inspection Class. Pedigree and non-Pedigree Holsteins. Two records prior to Show – 1, Howard Vance & Co; 2, JR McKay & Son.

Best Two Females of any age, from foregoing Classes – 1, JR McKay & Son.

Best Three Females of any age, from foregoing Classes – JR McKay & Son.


Heifer under 2 years of age on Show day, not in calf – 1, Messrs R&D Wilson, High barness, Wigtown; 2&3, R Buchanan, Laigh Kilphin, Ballantrae.


Young Handlers, 16 years and under -

Beef Section

5-11 years old – 1, K Brooke, Carsecreugh, Glenluce; 2, Morgan Coulter c/o West Glengyre, Leswalt.

12-16 years old – 1, Megan Forsyth, Mid Bishopton, Whithorn; 3, Robbie Brooke, Carsecreugh, Glenluce.

Dairy Section

5-11 year olds -1, Kirsty Fisher c/o High Barness, Wigtown; 2, Wilson Sloan c/o Broughton Mains, Sorbie.

12-16 year olds - 2, Ailsa Buchanan, Laigh Kilphin, Ballantrae.



Yeld mare, three years old and upwards 1, C Young, Hall Farm, Ayr, Forneath Poppy (Sire- Collessie Whinhill President, Dam - Blueton; 2, William Gemmell, Holmhead of Boreland, Kirkcowan - Ingleston Crystal - Sire: Millisle Perfection, Dam - Ingleston Solway Sapphire

One-year-old Filly -1, C Young, Shielhill Touch of Class, Sire: Doura Jackpot, Dam - Shielhill Sheer Delight; 2, Mrs Agnes Jackson, Colvington Mill, Thankerton, Biggar; 3, William Gemmell, Holmhead Ruby, Sire: Rashillhouse Winston, Dam: Holmhead Amber

Brood Mare, with Foal at foot – 1, Helen McMiken, Upper Barr Farm, Newton Stewart - Luce Bay Flossie - Sire: Millisle Hero, Dam: Ingleston Ellie; 2, Mrs Agnes Jackson; 3, Hugh Ramsay, Millisle, Garlieston, Millisle Joy, Sire: Millisle Solway Bay, Dam; Dargavel Bonnie

Filly Foal – 1, Mrs Helen McMiken, Luce bay Islay, Sire: Doura King Maker, Dam: Luce Bay Flossie; 2, Hugh Ramsay, Millisle Buttercup, Sire: Thornlea Harris, Dam: Millisle Joy; 3, Seona McKie, High Threave, Kirkcowan - Threave Juno, Sire: Dillars InTheLead, Dam: Threave Destiny

Colt Foal – 1, Mrs Agnes Jackson; 2, Helen M Smith, Solwayview, Sheddock Cottage, Whithorn, Sheddock’s Beacon, Sire: Mollinshillhead Celebrity, Dam: Sheddock Spring Pride; 3, T & J A Edgar, Newfield, Dalry

Female champion – C Young, Forneath Poppy

Reserve – Helen McMiken, Luce Bay Flossie


Gelding, three-year-old & upwards. – 1, Hugh Ramsay, Spot On; 2, John M McMillan & Family, Grennan Mill, Rothesay; 3, Hugh Ramsay, Flash

Best Gelding of any age -1, Hugh Ramsay, Spot On

MALE CHAMPION – Hugh Ramsay, Spot On;

RESERVE – John M McMillan

Overall Champion – C Young, Forneath Poppy

Reserve – Hugh Ramsay, Spot On

Best Pair of Clydesdales, of any age – 1, John M McMillan & Family; 2, Hugh Ramsay; 3, Helen McMiken

Clydesdale Young Handlers’ Awards – 1, Rachel Ramsay, Millisle, Garlieston; 2, Andrew McMillan, Grennan Mill, Rothesay; 3, Hannah

Ridden Clydesdale - not restricted to pure bred but sire or dam must be Clydesdale - 1. Hugh Ramsay - rider - Anna Ramsay, Millisle, Garlieston, Ivy; 2, Hugh Ramsay - rider - Katie Jones; 3, Mrs Annette Noble, Paggyslea, Nine Mile Burn, Penicuik - rider - Ailsa Ramsay, Andy


Stud Cart, single mare or gelding, driven by lady or gent - 1, Elaine Ramsay


Brood Mare, 14.2 hands and under, over 14.2 & Mountain & Moorland – 1, Pam Macdonald, Whitedyke, Port William, Little Bit of Business - Sire: It’s the Business; 2, Janette McNeillie, High Balcray, Whithorn, Colorado - Sire: Hocki; Dam: Indie

Foal, progeny of above – 1, Janette McNeillie, Sire: Miami Comotion, Dam: Cororado; 2, Pam Macdonald - Sire: Boy Cruiser; Dam: Little Bit of Business

One, Two or Three-Year-Old Colt, Filly, Gelding, Mountain & Moorland – 1, Lorna Forrest, California, Whithorn, Burnhead Ollie (Fell) - Sire: Lunesdale Prince Albert, Dam; Restar Lucky

One, Two or Three-Year-Old Colt, Gelding or Filly not likely to exceed 14.2 hh at maturity – 1, Janette McNeillie, Sire: Miami Carwin; Dam: Colorado; 2, Hugh Paterson, Barnpark, Kirkinner, Miami Crackshot, Sire: Wian Master Darron, Dam: Miami Roubles; 3, Judith Copeland, Sun Street, Glenluce, Stairhaven Millie - Sire: Jake, Dam: Copperhalt Star Comedy

Two or Three-year-old Colt, Filly or Gelding, likely to exceed 14.2 at maturity - 1, Miss Hannah Burns, Bengairn View, Castle Douglas, Haughmond Midnite At Last, Sire; Haughmond Midnite Sun, Dam: The Barnly Belle; 2, Hugh Paterson, Miami Crackerjack, Sire: Wian Master Darron; Dam; Miami Troubles

Champion – Miss Hannah Burns, Haughmond Midnite At Last

Reserve – Lorna Forrest, Burnhead Ollie


Ridden Horse, 15.2 hh and under – 1, Deborah Gunby, Baldoon Mains, Wigtown, Tilers Bay. Rider - Holly Sproat;

Ridden Horse, over 15.2 hh – 1, Anne Jolly, Calgow, Newton Stewart, Ring The Bell, Sire; Dow Jones Coucel, Dam: Quinto de Baussy; 2, Phillipa Broadway, Monreith House, Port William, Inglistons Viktor - Sire: Marlon, Dam: Resu Lady; 3, Naomi Chappell, Hanover Street, Stranraer, Mr McIntyre

Leading Rein Pony not exceeding 12 hh and rider, 8 years and under – 1, Mrs M Graham, Hillend, Annan, Chetwynd Larkspur - Rider: Miss Poppy Graham; 2, Mrs Kara Jeffrey, Oakenmoss, Collin Farm, Dumfries, Cosford Verdi; Sire: Stanley Grange Cocktail, Dam: Jamar Veronica, rider: Leah Jeffery; 3, Anglea McConnell, Glenluce, Rosedust April Love - Rider; Zoe McConnell

Mountain and Moorland (including Shetland Pony), 4 years old and over -1, Marion Kay, Muirhouse, Seaview Farm, Port William, Lacy Oliver - Sire: Lacy Forbe; Dam: Lacy Lili - Rider: Libby Kay; 2, Angela McConnell, Vallum Petrushka - Rider- Zoe McConnell; 3, Carolynn McIlwraith, Barnean, Newton Stewart, Maestir Versace - Rider: Miss Megan McIlwraith

Family Pony, confined to exhibitors & riders residing in Wigtownshire & parish of Kirkmabreck, rider to be under 16 years, pony to be under 14.2hh – 1, A K Brooke, Carscreugh, Glenluce, Just Poppy, Rider: Jenni Brooke

Pony, 12.2hh and under, to be ridden by child 12 years and under – 1, James Stuart, Blackwood Stables, Carrutherstown, Maypole Star Gate - Sire: Barkway Crescendo; Dam: Rosslayne Polly Ann, Rider - Bella Waugh; 2, Ella Wallace, Cairnfield, Whauphill, Perdy

Pony, over 12.2 hh not exceeding 13.2 hh, to be ridden by child 14 years and under – 1, James Stuart, Small-land Accolade; Sire: Small-land Love Dance, Dam: Samml-land Alisia, rider: Chloe Waugh; 2, Lynn Fisher, Cruggleton, Whithorn, Apache, Rider: Carolyn Fisher; 3, Wendy Miller-Smith, Closes Croft, Kirkcowan, Chilli Pepper, Rider; Izzy Miller-Smith

Pony, over 13.2hh not exceeding 14.2hh, to be ridden by a child 16 years and under – 1, Mark Philips, Mains of Minnydow, Springholm, Miami Moondust, Rider - Abby Forsyth; 2, Lynn Fisher, Poppy, Rider: Lucy Fisher; 3, Hugh Paterson, Miami Hotshot, Sire: Wian Master Darron, Dam: Miami Roubles, Rider; Becky Dalrymple

Light Horse Overall

Champion - Anne Jolly, Ring the Bell

Reserve to champion – Hannah Burns, Haughmond Midnite At Last


Donkey, Male of any age - 1, Bryce Dalrymple, Beechbank, Newton Stewart - Monreith Herbie, Sire: Monreith Jacko, Dam: Monreith Sammy; 2, Alison & Martin Bell, Border View, Springfield, Gretna, Todbridge Bullrush, Sire: Taka Ra Hara of Todridge, Dam: Tattie of Todridge

Donkey, Female of any age - 1, Mr D Jolly, St John Street, Whithorn, Kyleston Keira, Sire: Jack Rankin, Dam: Katie Rankin

Champion - Bryce Dalrymple - Monreith Herbie

Reserve to Champion - Mr D Jolly - Kyleston Keira



Ram, 2 years old or upwards – 1, Janette McNeillie, High Balcray, Whithorn; 2, Brian Vance, Mid Skeog, Whithorn

Shearling Ram – 1, Ross Campbell, Carsewalloch, Creetown; 2, Brian Vance; 3, Janette McNeillie

Ram Lamb – 1, JT Cannon, Redbrae, Wigtown; 2, Brian Vance; 3, JIA Wallace

Ewe, having reared a lamb this year – 1, Ross Campbell; 2, James IA Wallace; 3, JT Cannon

Gimmer – 1, JT Cannon; 2, Brian Vance; 3, JR McKay & Sons

Ewe Lamb – 1, JT Cannon; 2, JIA Wallace; 3, Brian Vance

Group of Three Sheep from Suffolk Sheep Classes – 1, JT Cannon; 2, James IA Wallace; 3, Brian Vance.

Champion – JT Cannon. Ewe Lamb

Reserve – Ross Campbell, Ewe


Ram, 2 years old or upwards - 1, Allan C Clark, Fineview, Glenluce

Shearling Ram – 1, A McColm, Crailloch, Port William; 2, Allan C Clark

Ram Lamb – 1, A McColm, Crailloch, Port William; 2, I & L Galloway, Glenart, Port William 3, James Maxwelll, Barledziew Cottage, Sorbie

Ewe, having reared a lamb this year – 1, Allan C Clark; 2, A mcColm; 3, Allan C Clark

Gimmer – 1, Allan C Clark; 2 & 3, A McColm

Ewe Lamb – 1, A mcColm; 2, Allan C Clark

Group of Three Sheep from Texel Sheep Classes – 1, Allan C Clark; 2, A McColm; 3, I & L Galloway

Champion – Allan C Clark Gimmer

Reserve – A McColm. GShearling Ram


Shearling Ram – 1 & 2, JL McMillan, Carse of Clary, Newton Stewart; 3, Neale & Janet McQuistin, High Airyolland, New Luce

Ram Lamb – 1 & 2, JL McMillan; 3, Neale & Janet McQuistin.

Ewe, having reared a lamb this year – 1, JL McMillan; 2, A & J Campbell, carsewalloch, Creetown; 3, Neale & janet McQuistin

Gimmer – 1 & 2, JL McMillan; 3, A & J Campbell

Ewe Lamb – 1 & 2, A&J Campbell; 3, JL McMillan

Group of Three Sheep from Beltex Sheep Classes – 1, JL McMillan; 2, Neale & Janet McQuistin. 3, A&J Campbell

Champion - JL McMillan Gimmer

Reserve - A & J Campbell Ewe lamb


Ewe, having reared a lamb this year – 1 & 2, S&W Hutton, Buittle Mains, Castle Douglas

Gimmer – 1 & 2, S&W Hutton.

Ram Lamb – 1 & 2, Mrs Hazel Quigley, East Kirkland, Wigtown

Ewe Lamb – 1, S&W Hutton; 2& 3, Mrs Hazel Quigley

Champion – S&W Hutton Ewe Lamb

Reserve – S&W Hutton Ewe


Ram, 2 years or upwards – 1, A & F McCornick, Ardachie, Kirkcowan - Hampshire Down; 2, SJ & SA Redman, Creeside Farm, Barrhill - Hampshire Down

Shearling Ram – 1, SJ & SA Redman, Hampshire Down;

Ewe, having reared a lamb – 1, A&F McCornick - Hampshire Down; 2, SJ & SA Redman, Hampshire Down;

Gimmer – 1, Robert W Templeton, Carslae, Newton stewart - Charollais; 2, Caitlin McCornick, Stewarton, Kirkinner - Stewarton Amelia - Sire: Eilden Hill Tevez; dam: Stewarton Tulisa; 3, C & H Duffy, The Smiddy Bungalow, Dunragit - Zwartble;

Ram Lamb – 1, C&H Duffy, The Smiddy Bungalow, Dunragit - Zwartble; 2, Caitlin McCornick, Stewarton Basher - Sire: Eilden Hill Tevez; dam: Stewarton - Zwartble; 3, Family Reynolds, The Tropic House, Carty Port, Newton Stewart - Hebridean

Ewe Lamb – 1, Robert W Templeton - Charollais; 2, C & H Duffy - Zwartble; 3, S j& SA Redman - Hampshire Down



Ram, two years old or upwards – 1, Andrew McQuistin, Barnshagan, New Luce; 2, T & J Cannon, Little Torhouse, Wigtown

Shearling Ram – &2, William Murray, High Ersock, Whithorn; 3, William Barrowman, Mid Knockglass, Stranraer;

Ram Lamb – 1 & 2, William Murray; 3, William Barrowman

Ewe, having reared a lamb this year – 1, William Barrowman; 2& 3, William Murray

Gimmer – 1, William Murray; 2,LW & MJ Parker, Old Hall, Newton stewart; 3, William Barrowman

Ewe Lamb - 1, William barrowman; 2, LW & MJ Parker; 3, William Barrowman

Group of Three Sheep from Bluefaced Sheep Classes – 1, William Barrowman; 2, William Murray; 3, LW & MJ Parker.

Champion – William Barrowman

Reserve – Andrew McQuistin


Ewe Lamb – 1 & 2, Andrew McQuistin, Barnshagan, New Luce; 3, T & J Cannon, Lottle Torhouse, Wigtown

Gimmer – 1, Andrew McQuistin; 2, LW & MJ Parker; 3, WD Adams & Son, Torhousekie, Wigtown

Ewe, having reared a lamb this year – 1, LW & MJ Parker; 2, WD Adams & Son

Pen of three – 1, Messrs J & W Wilson, Kirkmabreck, Creetown; 2, Andrew McQuistin; 3, Hamish Hamilton, Derrie, Port William

Champion – J & W Wilson

Reserve – LW & MJ Parker


Coloured Male – 1, Chris Smyth, Urral, Kirkcowan, Kierhead Thunder; 2, A Hunter Blair, Nether Cleugh, Dalry, Castle Douglas; 3, Chris Smyth, Brookend Tic-Tac

Coloured female – 1, Laura White, Pleasance of Cargen, Islesteps, Dumfries, Sire: Duskwood Nero, Dam: Barony; 2, Michael Mccornick, Barquill, Wigtown 2, Chris Smyth - Barony Ulia

White Male – 1, A Hunter Blair; 2, Michael McCornick.

White female – 1, A Hunter Blair; Michael McCornick; 3, A Hunter Blair

Champion – A Hunter Blair, White Female.

Reserve – Laura White, Coloured Female.

Coloured Male champion - Chris Smyth

Coloured Female Champion - Laura White



Ram, two shear and over – 1, Drannandow Farms, Minnigaff, Newton Stewart; 2, Larg Farming Co. Ltd, Blairs House, Creetown; 3, Drannandow Farms,

Shearling Ram – 1, AK Brooke, Carscreugh, Glenluce; 2&3, Drannandow Farms.

Ram Lamb – 1, IRS Bond, Glen, Gatehouse of Fleet; 2, Drannandow Farms; 3, Colin McClymont, Cuil, Newton Stewart

Pair of Ram Lambs – 1, Drannandow Farms; 2, IRS Bond; 3, Colin McClymont.

Ewe, rearing a lamb this year – 1, L & D Hair, Drumbreddan, Ardwell, Stranraer; 2, IRS Bond; 3, Colin McClymont.

Gimmer – 1 & 2, IRS Bond; 3, Colin McClymont.

Ewe Lamb – 1 & 2, IRS Bond, 3, J&F Burns, Craignell, New Galloway

Pair of Ewe Lambs – 1, IRS Bond; 2, Drannandow Farms; 3, L & D Hair

Group of Three Sheep from separate Blackface Sheep Classes – 1, IRS Bond; 2, Drannandow Farms; 3, Colin McClymont

Champion – IRS Bond.

Reserve - A K Brooke


Pen of three lambs cross bred from Suffolk sire - 1, W D Adams & Son, Torhousekie, Wigtown

Pen of three lambs cross bred from Charollais sire - 1, R Templeton & Co, Carslae, Newton Stewart; 2, Ross McKie, Ballaird, Wigtown

Pen of three lambs cross bred from Texel sire -1, W D Adams & Son; 2, Steven Cluckie, High Drumskeog, Port William; 3, S Service, Balgreggan Mains, Sandhead

Pen of three lambs, any other breed - 1, W D Adams & Son; 2, A Clark & Son, West Glengyre, Leswalt; 3, Mr & Mrs Robert Clark, Airyolland, Port William (Rouge de L’Oeust x Cheviot Mule)

Pen of three labs, of any breed or cross. Confined to members of Wigtownshire Young Farmers Clubs - 1, David Adams, Torhouskie, Wigtown; 2, Scott Service, Balgreggan Mains, Sandhead

Champion - David Adams

Reserve - W D Adams & Son


Young Handlers, under 14 years.

5-10 years - 1, Thomas Scott, Garchew, Bargrennan, Newton Stewart (aged 10); 2, Angus McClymont, Cuil, Newton Stewart (aged 10); 3, Tomos Gwynne, Garden Cottage, Castlewigg, Whithorn (aged 7)

11-13 years - Caitlin McCornick, Stewarton, Kirkinner (aged 12); 2, Frank Gwynne, Garden Cottage, Castlewigg, Whithorn (aged 13); 3, Ellie McClymont, Cuil, Newton Stewart (aged 12)



Milker - 1, Mrs Lynda Shaw, Kirriereoch, Newton Stewart, Carrick Bonny; 2, Mrs Lynda Shaw, Carrick Roxanne; 3, W & I McCreath, Polquhanity, Carsphairn, Kenside Verbena.

Goatling - 1, Mrs Lynda Shaw, Carrick Carmen; 2, W & I McCreath, Kenside Minniemay; 3, W & I McCreath, Kenside Selkie

Female Kid - 1, Nancy McCreath, Newtonhill, Kirkinner, Chapman Martha; 2, Nancy McCreath, Chapman Molly; 3, W & I McCreath, Kenside Tamsin

Young Handlers - 1, Naomi McCreath, Polquhanity, Carsphairn; 2=, Rachel McCreath / Sarah McCreath, Polquhanity, Carsphairn

Champion - Mrs Lynda Shaw, Carrick Bonny

Reserve - Mrs Lynda Shaw, Carrick Carmen


Blackface Ewe & Wether (Fine or Newton Stewart style) –1, Larg Farming Co, Ltd, Blairs House, Creetown; 2, A Johnstone, Annalone, Bellymack Hill, Laurieston; 3, Larg Farming Co, Ltd,

Cheviot - 1, A Johnstone

Greyface - 1 & 2, M Duncan, The Paddock, Whithorn; 3, A Johnstone

Fine and Medium – 1, Maud Walker, Barwinnock, Whauphill; 2, A Johnstone; 3, Mrs Colleen Marshall, Forteviot Gardens, Garlieston

Naturally coloured – 1, M Duncan; 2, A Johnstone; 3, M Duncan

Champion – M Duncan

Reserve – Maud Walker


Walking Sticks, plain wooden, one piece -1, David Seaton, Torcy Drive, Girvan; 2, R Houstin, Darnaw, Barrhill; 3, G Cuthbertson, Lochton Mill, Barrhill

Walking Sticks, plain wooden, jointed – 1, Ian McConchie, Hinton, Gatehouse of Fleet; 2, David Seaton; 3, John Scott, The Craig, Newcastleton

Walking Stick, plain hornhead - 1 & 2, Ian McConchie; 3, John Scott

Walking Stick, ornamental wooden, jointed -1, 2 & 3, Ian McConchie.

Walking Stick, ornamental hornhead – 1&2, John Scott 3, Ian McConchie

Shepherd’s Crook, wooden, one piece – Robert Houstin

Shepherd’s Crook, hornhead – 1, Robert Houstin; 2, K Crozier, Causewayend Cottage, Newton Stewart; 3, R Houstin

Walking Stick, with antler stick head – 1, Cliff Bramhald, Cairnsmore Steading, Palnure, Newton Stewart 2, G Cuthbertson; 3, Cliff Bramhald

Champion - Ian McConchie

Reserve - John Scott


1, McColm Family; 2, Smith Family; 3, Ramsay-Hoggard family


Outdoor - 1, Border Cars; 2, J Waugh; 3, Tarff Valley

Marquee -1, The Earth’s Crust; 2, Ella Carte; 3, John D Owen


Champion – : Mrs Adele Taylor from Cumbria. A female Sebastopol goose.

(Full poultry results in next week’s Galloway Gazette).