Galloway’s young first aiders

First aid training for primary pupils.

First aid training for primary pupils.

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As part of their Health and Wellbeing learning, P1-4 at Portpatrick and Leswalt schools have been learning about how to deal with basic first aid situations. The first injury was dealing with minor bleeding.

We used red paint for fake blood and followed the steps to treat minor cuts and grazes. The children first of all applied pressure to the wound with a clean gauze, asked the patient to raise the cut above the heart to slow the blood flow, clean, dry then cover the wound with a bandage or plaster. Take a look at some of our poor patients!

The boys and girls also learned what to do in the event of someone choking and there is no adult to help. The children have also had visits from the local police to talk to them about what to do in an emergency.