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Many thanks to everyone who got it touch to name the milkman in last week’s Galloway Past Picture as James ‘Hooker’ Bennett.

It especially brought back memories for Hooker’s fellow milkman Wally Campbell, who email in saying: “Of course I remember this photo well, it was in 1964-1965. It’s James Bennett better known to all as Hooker Bennett, one of the milk delivery boys for his organisation, Corvisel Dairy. In those days a pint of milk per day was 5 shillings and 10 pence prior to decimalization. When decimalization came in I remember the weekly pints went to 30 pence. Rain, hail, sleet or snow we ensured that your daily pinta was at your door.

“The meaning of T.T.MILK on the vehicles was ‘Tuberculosis Tested Milk’. We purchased our milk and collected in 10 gallon buts from farms in the region. It was then tested and then bottled into pint bottles, half-pint bottles and third-pint bottles for schools. If that’s not a memory what is.”