Day in the region draws closer

The preparations for the Day of the Region at Whithorn are intensifying as groups organise to showcase all the hobbies, pastimes, crafts and sports which currently go on in Whithorn.

If you were missed out of the Urbancroft film last year, you may appear in the new silent film, to be released for the first time on Friday 19th, with several showings from 6pm at the Community Centre, and delicious delicacies from the Polish and Indian communities, to say nothing of the skilled bakers of the Whithorn WRI.

Each day of sport, art, and crafts ends in a special musical event : on Saturday, see Whithorn School in a musical entertainment, with pancakes provided by Glasserton WRI. On Sunday, a much anticipated fashion show with local models ends with a tea dance, with baking provided by Whithorn WRI.

If you’ve never tried Tai Chi, yoga, boxing, painting, blacksmithing, and much more, or if you want to delve into the history of the burgh of Whithorn with the Whithorn Trust, now’s your chance to try your hand at all of these, at no cost ! Look out for the timetables in shop windows and through your door !

A spokesman for the organisers, Whithorn and District Community Council, said : “It’s amazing when you think of all the different activities which go on in the town and which many local people and visitors may be unaware of. We hope this is a chance for the town to show off all that is done well here and for groups to gain new members, once people have had the opportunity to try out something they have perhaps thought about but not had the time or courage to experiment with. It can be expensive for families to keep children entertained, and here’s an entire weekend of activities entirely free of charge, including the lunches and refreshments”.