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Razzie is just under one year old and is a stunning little calico. She is fully vaccinated and neutered, and is growing to like humans a great deal despite being born in a farm environment.

She has had a lot of time spent with her, and when she gets to know you, she is a happy purring little soul who likes being stroked. As a youngster she still has a lot of playing to do and things to learn and she needs a patient household that will let her develop at her own pace. For that reason a household with no other pets would be best, although a home with older children may be considered. She has previously been advertised with her pen mate, Rafferty, but to ensure a good home (hopefully before Christmas!) she would be okay going to a new home by herself. She has been to a couple of homes in her young life but brought back to us due to human error rather than her so she really does deserve a chance to have her very own human/house.

For further details, please ring our branch on 08453 714216.